Naam, stoffen, farmaceutische vorm, toedieningsweg, afleverstatus en nummer
Product Name
Active substance(s)

Pharmaceutical form
Route of Administration
Legal status
UDD:Use by veterinarian only. Veterinary medicines that can only be administered by the veterinarian, and may therefore not be supplied directly to the animal farmer.
UDA:Exclusively available from a veterinarian or on prescription by a veterinarian from a pharmacy. Veterinary medicines that can only be supplied to the animal farmer by a veterinarian or a pharmacist
URA:Exclusively available from a veterinarian or on prescription by a veterinarian from a pharmacy or licensed supplier
VRIJ:Veterinary medicines that may be traded freely without a prescription
Registration number (RVG/RVH)

The marketing authorisation number is the unique REG NL number. Search by number only (without REG NL).


ATCVet = (Veterinary) Anatomic Therapeutic Chemical Classification. You can search by description as well as ATCVet code.

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Overviews of homeopathic veterinary medicinal products and small packages of antimicrobial veterinary medicinal products

Overviews of new or no longer permitted (withdrawn) marketing authorisations in any given time period

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